Liquefied petroleum gas (Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)) is a mixture of liquefied light hydrocarbons under pressure with a boiling point of from -50 to 0 ° C. Designed for use as a fuel, as well as used as raw materials for organic synthesis.

We, the Company “ALEX-NORD OIL”, as a seller with full responsibility declare our readiness to publish the Commercial Offer and prepare the Agreement on the sale of goods for the following terms, if our conditions and requirements are accepted:



Liquefied Gas (LPG)

Terms of delivery


At the choice of the buyer



Russian Federation / Republic of Kazakhstan  

Monthly volume     


from 10,000 Metric tons




The price is negotiable and can be fixed for the entire duration of the contract / reviewed every three months / linked to the indicator and discount Platt's Marketplace.

To receive a commercial offer, please send an online application and attach the appropriate document (you can download the application form on our website).

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